I’m always in disbelief that a baby actually resides within me. Am I the only one? I never had morning sickness (thank goodness) and my entire pregnancy has been smooth sailing. And even though I have the added weight gain, a chest that feels like boulders and a growing stomach I still wonder if she’s actually in there. After years of having doctors tell me it would be hard to have children due to infertility when I finally saw that double pink line I was still in somewhat disbelief. It felt as if the air had been knocked out of me. “How could life be so cruel? How could this universe trick me and give me a false positive?”, I thought. And even when I had my first ultrasound appointment I braced myself for the result of a baby not actually being in there, but when I saw her I was overcome with a wave of emotion. This really was happening, there she really was, inside me, growing. I couldn’t believe it. I wish I could have an ultrasound or heart rate scan every day to put my mind at ease that even months later that she’s still in there and it’s actually her moving around in there. It truly is a miracle how the woman body works to grow and carry these little miracles inside! 

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