It’s For A Reason 

Do you ever just sit in your car and think about life? My thoughts yesterday morning were about my husband. Too often we get caught up in the daily grind or in ourselves that we often forget to be thankful for our spouse or someone else who plays an important role in our lives. My husband is such a wonderful man and an awesome dad who would and does do anything and everything he possibly can for our children and myself. He’s such a man of God. And as I sat in my car driving to work I couldn’t help but think of how blessed I am to have him. Out of all the men and women in this world and we chose each other. It’s remarkable really if you really think about that. Take a look at your significant other right now whether it be a picture or them sitting right next to you. No matter where you may be in life right now and what obstacles you have to overcome, you’re together for a reason. You were brought together by the universe for a purpose. Find yours.
And on another note I’d like to say Happy Anniversary this week to my best friend, husband, and father of our children! I couldn’t ask for a better life!

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