Find Your Natural.

Find Your Natural. Find natural beauty in all things good. Even find it in the bad. For the good cannot be the good without the bad. 

Find your natural self. Be the person you were born to be not what society thinks you should be. Clear the canvas we try so hard to hide.

Find your natural heart. Find the love in yourself before anything else. Until then you’ve never truly known it.

Find your natural state of mind. Clear your head and clear your thoughts, for good things are coming. Blank slates were meant for the creative. Create your portrait. 

I challenge you to find your natural. 
I, also, challenge you to help me create a movement. Post a picture, a selfie, scenery, anything you find “natural”. Then, hashtag it with #findyournatural .

I’d love to see and hear how this changes you and your life. So be sure to tag me, write me, or hashtag #quadpodlogic , too! 
My natural self. Clearing down to a blank slate and creating my own canvas. 🙂 

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