No Spend September 

Does anyone else clean out their fridge and pantry and feel as bad as I do about all the food that is getting thrown out? (Despite those stale crackers my dogs get). I think of everyone else who could have used it and all the money I spent and literally threw away. This year I wanted to try something new and it’s called ‘No Spend September’. For the whole month my husband and I made a pact to not go grocery shopping and to use up what we had in the house. Some people thought we would run out of food, and while our fridge dwindled down to basically cheese, butter, and ketchup, surprisingly our freezer and pantry were still somewhat stocked. There were hard days when I really just wanted to go buy a case of Pepsi because I was tired of drinking what we had. And then there were REALLY hard days, like the last week of the month, when I ran out of coffee (with a newborn in the house this was totally devastation). Looking back, however, it was kind of fun to try new recipes and even be creative by basically throwing together what I could find. One website I did use a lot was If you’ve never used it before you should check it out. The site allows you to check off on a list everything you have to cook with and then suggests recipes for you based on what you had. Pretty neat. In the end, it made me feel good knowing I wasn’t being wasteful and it came at a good time, too, considering I was on maternity leave the whole month! It was a challenge for myself to see what I could come up with for dinner for the family (and who doesn’t love a good challenge?). I feel like it made me more conscious of what I do buy at the grocery store now and to remember what I have at home to use. You should try it! 

If you have, tell me…

Have you ever done something similar? What unique or fun recipes did you come up with? 

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