I try my very best to be the best mom and step-mom I could possibly be. Yet too often I feel like I’m failing. I don’t always do the things my kids want me to do.I check my phone probably too many times in a day. There’s so much I want to teach them but so little time before I need a cup of coffee. Fast food runs for dinner are a weekly thing, I forget lunches, Pinterest boards with crafts dedicated to them are a distant possibility of ever happening and the baby is lucky if she gets 2 baths a week. But I got to thinking…maybe that’s just it. Maybe THAT’S motherhood. And maybe all those goodnight songs, laughs at the park, made up stories and kisses on boo-boos is what it’s really all about. So who cares if dirty dishes cover the sink and they wear the same pants two days in a row. 20 years from now they won’t remember that. They won’t care. They will, however, remember the times I was there. The times I made them laugh, the times I hugged them and told them everything is going to be ok. It’s in those moments that I know I’m a good mom. I know I’m not alone. Every mom out there probably feels the same way I do; like we’re screwing this whole motherhood thing up. Well, I’m here to tell you, we ARE good moms. And I’m betting if you asked your kids, they would think you’re pretty great, too! 

So I’m not going to shame myself for being a mom anymore. What I’m doing and what you’re doing, is a pretty incredible thing. 

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