Show Me the Way.

Every night I lay my head down on my pillow and pray. (And lucky if I actually make it through the whole prayer before falling asleep). Recollecting of the day I had, grateful for my family and asking Him for help. Help to be the best mom I can be to our kids, the best wife, the best daughter, help to keep us safe, help to provide for us in every way possible, etc. However, tonight as I started in on my requests I stopped mid thought and pictured Him at a desk with piles of paperwork and notes. Misconstrued and disheveled all over the place, a man who looked just like you and I holding his head and rubbing his eyes, getting up from the desk filled with sad emotion. Immediately, almost as if someone else was controlling my thoughts, I asked what I could do for Him. The question just came so naturally. I always ask for your help yet what have I done in return? You answer so many prayers. So, What can I do to help YOU Lord? 

Show me the way. 

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