It’s actually pretty amazing what our children will teach us. Tonight while walking Clarke to his room for bed, he told me that I didn’t need to read a goodnight story or sing to him before bed anymore (something I’ve always done) because he was growing up. I stopped and had him repeat what he had said (mostly because I didn’t want it to be true). I’m not sure of the thought process, maybe someone at school persuaded him it was time, and maybe he just felt it on his own; I don’t know. So tonight I put him in bed, kissed him goodnight and walked out, realizing that my time was shorter than I had anticipated. If I had known the last time would have been the last I would have picked a longer book, I would have held him close and sang a little longer. And as I watched him jump into bed and snuggle up in his blankies, I realized my time was short. 7 years sure went by fast and one day soon he won’t even want (or need) me to kiss him goodnight or even tuck him in. It’s bittersweet really. To know a child is growing up, and even more so to have your child realize they are growing up. So momma’s (and daddy’s) be sure to read that extra story or sing that extra song, you never know how long you have. ❤️

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