My Favorite Money Saving Apps. 

In 2015 I saved hundreds of dollars on my groceries through a variety of different ways. And as I’m sure you can relate, saving money while raising 2 children is really important to me. It allows me to do things that I wouldn’t have been able to do otherwise. I’m probably considered one of those ‘crazy coupon ladies’ to most of my family and friends but let me show you why!

First off, your best friends are digital coupons! We shop a lot at Owen’s and a little at Meijer, both of which offer free apps in which you can download digital coupons automatically to your shoppers card. Plus, both of these stores offer freebie downloads every week, no purchase necessary! (How cool is that?!)

In 2015 alone I saved $195.30 at Meijer just using digital coupons and $ at Owen’s!

I’m getting excited just talking about it.

Now here are my other favorite (free) apps and a link to some.

Ibotta – Just do some little tasks, such as reading a recipe or watching a very short video to unlock your rebate. Buy the item(s) at the stores listed and then scan in your receipt and your savings will post within 24 hours. The nice thing about this one is that they offer more than just grocery rebates. There’s a whole list, such as but not limited to apparel, babies, online stores, etc. Plus, they offer rebates that aren’t limited to a certain brand!

 Shrink – Just scan your receipt and viola your savings will post to your virtual wallet within hours. Right now once you hit $10 or more they only offer you to cash out your savings via PayPal or Venmo but gift cards are coming soon. This particular app also offers savings on a lot of organic items from any store.

 SavingStar – Add your offers to your shoppers card(s) and the savings will automatically link up and post to your account. One bummer to this app is that you can’t download a digital coupon on your shoppers card and the same rebate via the app. One or the other. Plus you can cash out once you hit $5.00!

 Checkout 51 – Just upload your receipt and choose which rebates you are requesting. This app offers a ‘pick your own offer’ in which you can choose an item to get a rebate on, such as bananas, kiwis, carrots, etc. Plus you can redeem these offers from ANY store. You can cash out once you hit $20 and they will mail you a check to spend however you wish!

 Snap – By Groupon. Snap your receipt and choose your offers to redeem from any store.  A bummer to this app, however, is that they don’t renew their offers or upload new ones very frequently. You can request a check once your account reaches $20.

Have any of you tried these apps? How much have you saved? Do you know of any other apps that help you save money? Please share!

(None of this is sponsored or endorsed)

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