My Favorite DIY Cleaner. 

Being a mom I’m constantly thinking more and more about healthy options for my home and kids. I’m a big advocate for keeping our kids and ourselves toxin free. So I set out to find natural (and cheaper) ways to clean my entire home. Here is one of my favorite all purpose cleaners. And when I say all-purpose I mean I literally use it on everything, from my stainless steel stove to wiping down furniture and floors.
It’s super simple to make. Vinegar alone is a great natural cleaner but adding the oils from the peels adds additional cleaning power and smells great! All you need is oranges, a glass container with lid, white vinegar, and a spray bottle.

Cuties oranges are a big staple food in our house but I had some that were starting to go bad so I decided to use all of those to make this batch. However, if you’re not an eat an entire bag of oranges in one day kinda family you can put your orange peels in the fridge until you have enough to make a batch of cleaner.
Take your orange peels (mandarin or normal orange size, doesn’t matter) and put them into your glass container. You can also throw in lemon peels or even lime peels for that extra citrus smell!

Once full, pour your white vinegar over top until orange peels are covered. Attach lid and rock back and forth a few times. Let this mixture sit in the sun for a week or two to ensure it smells less like vinegar and more like citrus.

Strain 50% vinegar mixture into your spray bottle and fill the other 50% with water. Viola! See how easy that is? And it’s so much better than buying something loaded with chemicals, that I don’t even know how to pronounce. This makes my house smell like orange juice and even better offers me peace of mind knowing that if my child decides to put things in her mouth or randomly lick the counter that she will be ok. 😄

Try it out and let me know what you think!

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