Don’t Teach My Children.

Ok, so I know that sentence peaked the interest of some of you. I’m not trying to be the mean mom here but keep reading and it will make a little more sense…

Don’t show my children how to open their snack, don’t show my children how to plant a flower, don’t show my children how to make their own cereal. INVOLVE my children. Let them learn to open the package themselves. Let them plant the flower with you guiding them through it. Let them make their own cereal for breakfast with you there. Will their crackers fly across the room? Will the flower not look at pretty as if you would have done it? Will milk and cereal splatter onto the kitchen counter? Oh, probably, but you know what? They will learn. Food can be cleaned up and flowers can be fixed but the things our children learn along the way are so much more important.

I want my children to learn on their own. They need those life-building skills and they need confidence from their parents that they can do it. They need to know that we believe in them. And most importantly, they need the confidence within themselves. It’s bigger than them knowing they can open something on their own. If they know we believe in them and they believe in themselves so many wonderful things come from that for the rest of their lives. They won’t be timid to try something new. They are self-sufficient. These are the children that go on to do and be great things in this world. And as a mom I would feel good leaving this earth one day (hopefully later than sooner) knowing that my children can take care of themselves. So don’t teach my children, involve them.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”-Benjamin Franklin

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