God Enough.

One of my very dear friends posted this today and I decided to make her my guest writer because I couldn’t help but share this! 

“I usually try to share a little something with my co-workers once a week and God’s putting this on my heart to share with you guys as well. Be blessed:

  I hear this so many times: “He’s not good enough for you.” or “She’s not good enough for him.”

And although that is very important to remember to keep our hearts safe from being broken, we must change our thoughts on this subject. Instead of questioning whether someone (friend, mate, acquaintance, etc) is “good enough” for us, perhaps we should question are they “God enough?” Here’s the difference. Not one is “good” in their own will. The spirit of God that lives in you is in charge of every good gift he gives you from above that molds you into his “good” creation. Always check that they are “God enough” rather than “good enough.” Look for the light in others and find it. 🙂 “-Leonelle C. 

Thanks Leo! 

Have a blessed Tuesday everyone! 

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