Baby Rewards

If you know me then you know I’m all about those rewards (que Megan Trainor spinoff song). I mean it makes sense, right? To be rewarded by a company that you chose to invest (aka spend) money in. I think so!

Now before, I used to have this ridiculously large separate key chain that had all of my rewards tags on it and you should have seen the mortified face my husband would give me when I would pull that bad boy out of my purse.  Well it’s gotten to be a little better considering there’s an app for that or I can simply type in a phone number. Not so many looks from my husband now. 😉

Deciding to cut back from my 40+ hours a week job to be home with the kids more was awesome and I LOVE it, although, it also meant I had to think of ways to save money. I know it doesn’t seem like reward systems or signing up for newsletters are the savior of my personal financing, and it’s not, but let me tell you that when Christmas rolls around I’m glad I did it. Plus, many of these companies listed will send you free products and coupons just for being a member! No purchase necessary!

So here it is, the ultimate list of my favorite baby/kid company reward systems! Happy Mommy-ing!

  • Ibotta I can’t even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this app! This is my go to app when it comes to Christmas. This year alone I was able to redeem $100 worth of ‘rebates’ that I can redeem for awesome gift cards! You get the money fast and there are always great rebates on diapers and other kids products. Why not get paid to buy things you had to get anyway? Win-win, right? I highly recommend giving this one a shot!
  • Pampers Gifts to GrowPampers offers free gifts for the milestones of 3, 6, 9, & 12
  • Disney Movie RewardsDisney offers you discounts on movies and you can even save up your points from Disney DVD’s, theatre stubs, etc, for Disney World gift cards!
  • Kellogg’s Family RewardsThis is one of my favorites because they make it so easy for you to earn points and you don’t need a ton to redeem them on great items.
  • Kohl’s Yes2YouKohl’s will send you a lot of % off coupons for enrolling and even surprise you throughout the year with some $5 off a $5+ purchase without having to ‘earn’ it.
  • Rewards “R” Us (Toys “R” Us & Babies “R” Us)<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    also enrolled in Geoffrey's Birthday Club where they get free birthday surprises. (And it's pretty great!)
  • Seventh GenerationSeventh Generation will send you free goodies and samples throughout the year.
  • myPLACE (The Children’s Place)<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    ce offers you 5 points per $1 rather than 1 for $1, plus they also have a birthday club.
  • Rewarding Moments (Osk Kosh & Carter’s)<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    ent they send you $10 in rewards which is better than most other companies.
  • Barnes and Noble’s Kids Club<<<<<<<<<<<<<
    toy for signing up, plus kiddos earn a free cupcake from their cafe on their birthday.
  • MyGerberFree coupons and products throughout the year. Plus, they offer free expert guidance for any questions you may have.
  • My Starbucks Rewards (Heaven’s no, not for the kiddos lol)
  • Also, check your local grocer where some places (like Martin’s, Meijer, etc.) offer baby and children reward programs as well! For instance, Martin’s kid club offers my eldest a free healthy produce item every month!

Are there any others I may have missed? Let me know! What is your experience with these companies and their loyalty/reward programs?

Happy Shopping Y’all!

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  1. Shaylynn @ Purposeful Mothering says:

    Great post! I’m all about rewards, freebies, and anything that can save me a little money! Thanks for the list- I’ll be looking into some of these tonight 🙂


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