Positivity Pays (literally).

Have you guys ever heard of the $39 Experiment? I don’t remember how I came across it but after reading the article I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like I had an epiphany.

What kind of world do we live in now? So much hatred, complaining, and negativity. It hurts my soul.

And with that I had a brilliant idea. I jumped out of bed, quietly snuck past the baby crib and my sleeping husband and started up the MacBook. Similar to Locke, I sat down and began excitingly typing up letter after letter to over 50 companies, thanking them for their products, for what their company stands for, and ultimately trying to spread positivity through my letters. Are my letters going to change the world? Not by a long shot! Did I feel good after writing them? Absolutely!

Not going to lie, by about the 25th letter I felt the cramping in my fingers and really had to think of companies and products that I loved and stood behind. I started to search through my house. You’d be surprised how many products we purchase that are owned by Nestle, Hershey, P&G, etc! However, I think the most difficult part was finding a mailing address for these companies! I knew when I started this that I didn’t want to just submit an online form that most companies have on their ‘Contact Us’ link. I wanted something more personal. Something I knew that was actually going to go into the hands of another person and hoped that my letter would put a spark of positivity into them. I’m sure so many companies only receive complaints from consumers, I wanted to be different.

I sent letters to Oakley, Frito-Lay, Kohl’s, Fisher-Price, Crayola, etc., etc.

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne states, “When we are feeling happy on the inside, law of attraction is matching up the inside of us, and bringing unlimited happiness to us. Law of attraction says, ‘like attracts like’.  We have to be the exact state on the inside of what we want to bring on the outside.  You can’t complain and be miserable and expect your life to change.  In that state you are attracting more misery to yourself.  You have to be the ‘like’ that you want to attract”.

Did I expect something in return? Not really. That’s not why I did it.

The next morning I took my stack of signed, labeled, and stuffed envelopes (see Mommy’s little helper? She was more interested in pushing buttons and eating paper then anything else.) to the post office. The clerk looked puzzled as I pulled out a rubber banded stack of envelopes and asked for 50 stamps, in which I took the opportunity to tell her what I was doing! Unlike Locke, my ultimate goal from this whole thing was not to get free stuff but to light up my soul.  By writing these letters I made myself feel happy. And in turn, the happiness I felt continued into my writings onto the person who opened the envelope and who knows from where after that. The possibilities are endless!

So here it is; a somewhat list of companies I sent out thank you letters to this week and any responses I receive from them (I will update the list as I get them)! I also sent out too many letters to remember all 50 companies. Hence the somewhat list. Oops! To my surprise I already had 2 get back in touch with me! I guess positivity really does pay! 

  • Kohl’s-A letter of appreciation
  • Crayola-3 little pack of crayons, coloring pages, and a thoughtful letter
  • Fisher Price/Mattel-A letter of appreciation
  • Kroger
  • Kettle Brand Chips- Free bag of chips coupon
  • Old Navy-A letter of appreciation
  • Carter’s
  • Menards-A letter of appreciation
  • Dutch Boy
  • Tide
  • Oakley
  • Burt’s Bee Baby
  • Costco
  • Gerber-3 cents off coupons and a nice letter
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • My local Texas Roadhouse
  • Frito Lay (Tostitos)-2 free coupons for a Frito Lay chip product and 2 .55 off coupons!
  • P&G (Gillette)- 2 free coupons for Gillette shave cream!
  • Purina-3 $1 off coupons and a letter of appreciation



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