Eat Dirt Mom!

Growing up I can remember jumping in mud puddles and eating ‘unflowered’ dandelions because I was a dinosaur. I remember getting dirty. Being one with nature. And guess what? I didn’t die!

It still baffles me why some moms freak out when their child gets even a speck of something dirty on them. And don’t get me wrong, if that’s your mom style more power to you! Every mom is different and I’m not here to judge. For me, however, I grew up getting dirty and I learned so much of who I am today by doing so. Some of my best memories were making mud pies to serve to my dad and learning about gardening with my grandma.

I beg my children to get messy and especially condone any and all (safe) shenanigans of them being dirty. Whether it’s paint, mud, water, food, etc. I love it! They love it! It’s kind of funny how different our 2 are though. Clarke likes to be outside as long as it’s not too long and only if we initiate it. He’d also be inside every 5 minutes washing his hands if we let him. Nora, on the other hand, well let’s just say she ate dirt tonight.

Here’s my proof…

Together we create some of our best memories and definitely some of our hardest laughs getting messy together. Just remember that clothes and skin can wash. But momma, you’ll never get these moments back again!

Have a great, safe, and hopefully messy 4th of July weekend everyone!

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