Niagara Falls. 

Our family takes a good amount of vacations. I’ve been traveling since I’ve been a tot, actually. However, this trip was special. It was our first trip as a family with our little girl in tote.

Last year I asked Clarke if he could do anything or see anything in the world what would he do. He gave me a list of about 7 things, one of them being to go see a waterfall since he’s never seen one. It just so happens that Niagara Falls is only an 8 hour drive from home, so when this year rolled around and we planned our traditional family vacation I knew going to see the falls was top on my list.

We had a great week at Niagara! Both of the kids were excellent travelers and we only had 2 blow outs! 😄 I probably walked around 100,000 steps this week (no joke), and trust me my feet/legs are feeling it. 😁 The falls were something of true beauty like you’ve never seen. It’s mesmerizing and eerie all at the same time. It amazes me how this was created.

So many amazing memories were made this week. Here’s a small snapshot of some of them:

Our first day in NY! We couldn’t wait to see the falls. We also did the Cave of the Winds tour and got drenched! 😄 It also consisted of visiting quaint towns around Niagara and visiting The Silo. A place featured on Man VS. Food! 

Day 2 was aquarium and history day! I loved this little aquarium because all the animals are rescue animals. Later we visited Old Fort Niagara where we got a history lesson and the boy figured out that Jesus was alive back then. 😭 Then headed to see more Great Lakes and have a stone skipping contest! 

Day 3 we woke up early to beat the crowd for the Maid of the Mist ride and caught a glimpse of God’s beauty when this rainbow popped through. The rest of the time was spent walking around the local outlet mall (I went Fossil and Levi crazy) and then going back to see the falls lit up at night. 

Our last day was spent in Buffalo. First stop at Sophia’s diner, a Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives spot. And then at the Buffalo Zoo as we trekked our way back home. This zoo was awesome! Everywhere you turned there were more animals. I was impressed! 


Can’t wait to see what the next trip holds for the Thompson squad! ❤


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