Summer Bucketlist! 

Wow, where did the summer go?! I feel like summer’s had me like a crazy mom running around in sunglasses because my makeup sweats off and living off of multiple cups of coffee and soda (terrible I know, but momma needs that caffeine)!

While every summer is always busy for us because it’s peak time for our lawn and landscaping business; summer is also a perfect and easy time to bond with our kiddos and create more memories. However, this summer was a little different. I sit around before school lets out and plan our summers out. Now, normally this is a pretty easy task for me, however, with the addition of our little girl this summer (PS being 9 months pregnant last summer was a big drab)  I wanted things to be different. I wanted Clarke and Nora to really experience things this summer. I felt so bad during the winter because I couldn’t get Nora outside as much as I wanted because well she was only a few months old and well it was COLD! 

Of course, every year we have our usual of going to the fair and frequent trips to the park but it wasn’t enough this year. So I found a kids summer checklist on Pinterest and from that created my own baby and kid friendly summer to-do checklist! The summer isn’t technically over yet! There’s still time! We’ve had so much doing these. This was probably the best summer to date. So download or print it off and tell me what you think! 100 Things to do During the Summer!

As far as us, well here’s some snapshots of our journeys this summer! Cross those off the list…Until next year Summer! 

Now that our oldest is back to school last Thursday, (how is it possible he is a second grader?! 😭) I’m going to miss all of these things and all the time we were able to spend together!

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