Let’s Get Weird. 

Our boys newest thing is to persistently tell me ” I’m weird”. As to which I always reply “it only gets better with time”.  Now I can’t be the only parent who gets called weird, right? I probably told my dad he was weird about a million times.

But here is why I’m “weird”…

I never miss an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to do the Hotdog Dance with baby girl.

I like to make blanket ghosts and scare the boy as he comes around the corner.

I make faces out of food on their plates and draw pictures on wrappers that I pack in lunches.

I like to try new things, even when they are gross and you guessed it…weird. I urge them to try it, too.

I always look for an opportunity to tell my kids to look up to the sky. To close their eyes and feel the world around them.

I like to incorporate Disney songs into every day life.

But that’s just to name a few.

And if that makes me the weirdest mom on planet earth. I’m pretty ok with that. 😉

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