ClickList is Life. 

I need to go to the grocery store today….normally that sentence would spark a little panic and fear into my life. Followed by an hours worth of planning and all day strategically organizing the best possible time to take my kids. I’m not over exaggerating here, if you haven’t read my post Grocery Gremlin do so because this rambling will make a whole lot more sense. But today was a different day. No tears were shed from either party, no throwing blueberries across the produce department (that happened last week 😳) and no drawn out explanations of why they can’t buy 7 bags of tortilla chips today. Nope today the world was on my side and the universe heard my plea for help. 

Today I shopped ClickList. Online shopping for groceries and all I do is pull up, call a number and don’t even have to leave my car. Now if only Warsaw can get a drive thru Starbucks…my life would be set. But seriously, this was awesome. I shopped last night and told them when I’d be by to pick up my items. They suggest items based on your past purchases and items that are currently on sale. You can add in comments like “only green bananas” and allow or deny substitutions and viola. Plus, I saved so much money without all the impulse buying and being able to actually see what I’m putting in my ‘cart’ not what my kids are begging me for and what I mindlessly thrown in out of desperation to get out of the store. I get my first ones free through Owen’s/Kroger but seriously I’ll pay the $4.95 any day to keep my sanity. 😄 

So praise the universe for this one. I’ll write this one down as a success and highly suggest it to anyone, but especially to mommy and daddy who sometimes lose their mind going to the store with cute little grocery gremlins. 

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