Little Travelers.

Our kids have been to more places in their 1 and 8 years of life then most people have been in their entire decades of life. And that’s our goal. It’s how I was raised and I wouldn’t have them any different. Educating our children of the world and to help them realize there’s more out there.

There’s more outside these Indiana walls. And cultures and ways of living that they have never even thought of. Beauties their minds could never even imagine.  Their dreams can be so vast. The world is theirs to explore and discover. We want them to know that adventures are awesome. And when you go outside of your comfort zone, amazing things can happen.

It’s life changing, really.

Our latest adventure on our crazy family travel train?
Disney World, Cozumel and Grand Cayman Islands!

It was an amazing experience that will go down in the books. We were able to swim with dolphins, go snorkeling, try new things, and really reconnect and unplug as a family. It was awesome. It was, also, really inspiring to be able to take our son (who wants to be a marine biologist one day) and help him experience these things and get a taste of the ocean life he has grown to love so much. Dream big baby boy!

Could we really afford to go on this trip? I’ll be honest here, no. Thank goodness for credit cards! But I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again..our babies don’t last and I have the rest of my life to pay off my credit cards. I’d rather go into debt spending money on new experiences and memories with my family than anything else! Totally worth every penny.

Here are a few snaps of our adventure!img_7984img_7967img_7956img_7947img_7934img_7935


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