MommyCon 2017!

Do you breastfeed? Do you baby wear? Do you cloth diaper? ARE YOU A PARENT (or soon to be)?

If you answered yes to any of those then you need to go! And just for the record even if you answered no you would still have fun going!

Mark your calendars and meet me in Chicago March 3-5, 2017!

If you’ve never heard about MommyCon I highly suggest you check them out! They host events all over the US. They are fun, informative, and you get free goodies! (You know me and my freebies lol).

Check out The Badass Breastfeeder’s post on her Top Ten Reasons to Attend MommyCon and then tell me you’re coming!

Plus, use coupon code QUADPOD17 for $5 off your ticket price! 

Tell your friends and follow our Insta for a ticket giveaway coming up soon!

You can check out upcoming 2017 dates, events, info, and purchase tickets to any of them here!

See you there loves! 


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