It’s Motherhood.

My journey through motherhood has been nothing less than eventful and yet full of so many blessings. From starting my journey as a step-mother of a sweet little boy, to being the mommy of a rambunctious, independent little girl, to the future arrival of our little one in August, I can say from experience that motherhood is never an easy journey. Whoever tells you it is probably wasn’t doing it right. You have your good days and your bad days. But even on your worst of nights you somehow still miss your kids once they go to sleep.

So if you follow any of my previous posts you’ll know I recently attended the MommyCon Chicago+WEAR 2017 event this past weekend. I saw remarkable things with my time in Chicago (minus the man peeing in front of Starbucks on Michigan Avenue). However, I think the part that really showed me the true side of motherhood (and what I would like to think MommyCon is all about) was when I was standing in the registration line.

A few groups ahead of me I saw a new mom with a little one not even a month old probably and you could tell she was new to MommyCon as well. Other moms saw her crying baby and started striking up a conversation with this mother. Talking like they knew the girl for years but they had only just met. I saw them offering their Tula’s, Ergo’s, and other carriers for this mom to try on to help soothe her baby and one mom even offered to let the new mom borrow her carrier throughout the expo until she could get into the exhibitors hall to buy one herself. That spoke volumes to me.

Motherhood is more than just getting by every day making sure you kept the kids alive (although some days do feel that way). It’s about being there for other moms (and dads). Reassuring them they are doing a great job and sometimes just a simple hug means so much more. As parents we HAVE to give ourselves credit.

It’s a brotherhood of fatherhood.  A sisterhood of motherhood. 

But on top of that I got to see some pretty cool vendors, as well as, some new releases! Eek!
Check them out:

My favorite carrier brand, Tula,  released their new Free-To-Grow baby carrier! This carrier is a game changer because it grows with your child from infancy to toddler-hood. It ‘ensures proper, ergonomic positioning throughout the different stages of your babies’ development’. I can’t wait to see what prints they come out in this Spring and get my hands on one!

Update: This carrier is awesome sauce!!! Here is the one I purchased (and at a cheaper price)!

I discovered the brand KicKee! Why has no one told me about this?! Softest fabric I have ever felt. It was unfortunate that the vendors only had the children’s sizes there because I would have gladly purchased a few pairs for myself! Ha!

My new favorite brand, Fresh Wave, was there! So I just had to stock up on some necessities! Seriously, you will never be disappointed in any of their products. They set out on a mission to remove odors using natural ingredients without the use of harsh chemicals that were manufactured in a lab. Product reviews coming soon!

And the newest brand I discovered was SiliKids! Their products are cool because they are made entirely out of food grade silicone. So the designs are practical, safe, and modern! Another product review in the making!

I want to apologize to those I was unable to meet up with or who shouted my name from across the room, as you could tell I was engrossed in trying to appease my toddler running around. I’m sure you can relate!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and questions!

Were you able to attend? What were some of your favorites from MommyCon?

Unable to attend? Don’t worry! I’m doing a giveaway for a goodies bag of some of my other fav’s I picked up while in Chicago! Just comment below to enter or visit my Instagram page for more ways to win!

I, also, took advantage of my time away from home and stayed a couple extra days in Chicago. Because no trip is complete without some Michigan Ave shopping, authentic Chicago food, and being 1,030 feet high at the John Hancock building! Check out the pics from our jam packed weekend!




UPDATE: I had to rename this blog post simply for the fact that as a breastfeeding mother, I did not know that the previous title was the slogan for a formula company. Oops!

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