I Love You Too Much.

Too much love never spoils children. Children become spoiled when we substitute 'presents' for 'presence.' -Anthony WItham:

When I had our baby girl so many people told me not to hold her so much or comfort her after every cry because I would spoil her and I never understood why or how, nor did I ever listen (that seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life #sorrynotsorry ).

In Africa it is very unusual and a big no no for children to cry. For a baby to cry there would mean that something utterly awful has happened to them. Why isn’t it the same in the US? Why is the ‘cry it out method’ so popular here? Now I’m not a fan of the cry it out method and I only had the heart to try it one time, so please do not think that I am not dogging anyone who uses it. Everyone has different parenting styles that work for them.

I hope out of anything I leave in this world when I’m cold and gone that my children will remember how much their dad and I loved them with our whole hearts. I pray that they remember all those times that Dad and I were there for them, And I pray that that same love trickles down to their children and so forth.

You cannot spoil a child by loving them too much. And whoever said you could wasn’t doing it right in my opinion. There is a big difference in showing your love by buying them presents and in just being present. Every parents has a different line with this and that is totally OK. But it’s when you replace your presence with just buying presents that you spoil your children in the wrong way.

It’s so easy to just buy our children lots of toys and have them go to their room to play with them while we watch TV or play on our phone. But what is easy isn’t always right. Do you think your kids will look back and think wow my parents were so much fun or that they learned a lot? What if you’re on your last day of life, what do you see when you look back in time?

Be the mom you want them to remember. 

My post Memories Last A Lifetime. talks more about this, check it out!

I will always love you unconditionally and we might not have it all but together we have everything!!❤️❤️❤️:

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