Aunt Flo Needs to Know.

Being raised by my father was nothing less of an adventure, especially when it came time for him to explain Aunt Flo to me. (Thanks Dad!) It’s always something no one wants to talk about but there is some serious info to be shared about tampons and pads. Granted my daughter is only 2 and I have some time before the topic comes up, but it is so important for all women to know what ingredients they are putting (literally) into their body.

Did you know that the average woman uses 16,000 tampons in her time? And did you know that no federal law currently exists which requires the disclosure of ingredients in tampons and pads? The vagina is one of the most sensitive and absorptive tissues on the body!  And sure I know tampons and pads can seem harmless, I mean they are just cotton right? What’s the big deal? Check out what Seventh Generation has to say:

“Vaginal tissue is very sensitive, which means we should be extra careful about what’s coming into contact with it. The walls of the vagina are filled with numerous blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, which allows for direct transfer of chemicals in to the circulatory system. In fact, there is considerable interest in vaginal drug delivery systems because the vagina is such an effective site to transfer drugs directly into the blood without being metabolized first.

One study found that a vaginally applied dose of estradiol (an estrogen proxy) resulted in systemic estradiol levels in the body 10 to 80 times greater compared to the same dose given orally. So, you should really know what the heck is in the products you use around the vagina.

Right now, some companies tell you a little bit about what’s in their products. While tampon and pad manufacturers aren’t required to disclose ingredients, many do include some basic information on their packages about the ingredients — unless they use fragrance. A ‘fragrance’ in a product can be made up of 50-200 different ingredients, many for which health data simply doesn’t exist. This black box means that you could be exposing your body to fragrance ingredients without even knowing it.”

On May 23rd, Women’s Voices for the Earth and Seventh Generation teamed up to re-introduce a bill to require the disclose of ingredients used in feminine care products and gathered on Capitol Hill to send Congress a message: It’s time to care about feminine care. Period. 

Seventh Generation offers organic tampons, chlorine-free pads & pantyliner’s, and protection you can feel good about and trust.  Check out their full line of feminine products here.

And with that I think Maya Rudolph said it best, “Who needs that stuff in their hooha? Am I right, ladies?”

It’s time to #ComeClean

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  1. artisticfork says:

    Come to think of it, time to try the diva cup. 😊


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