You Make Me Smile.

I’m always a little hesitant to sign up for memberships or subscriptions. I mean I signed up for a one year gym membership and went maybe 3 times in the whole year. (Spending that at Panera would have been a better option in my opinion).  But then again I, also, was convinced by my husband to sign up for a Costco membership and it’s my home away from home.

So naturally when my parents and husband told me how great Amazon Prime was I wasn’t convinced to sign up. But let me tell you…Best. Thing. Ever! Amazon Prime has been a lifesaver. Whether it’s been ordering a new play puppy because the other one decapitated itself or last minute birthday gift shopping, it’s always been there for me. I know the craziness of the holidays is 5 months away but let me paint you a picture of what it normally looks like for me…I save money throughout the year, have to pack my ‘suitcase’ of a diaper bag to get my kids ready, only to spend the whole day driving on icy roads, in the below zero wind chill. Lug my kids in and out of car seats, wait in lines longer than the China Wall and hear my husband tease me about how much money I’m spending and how his back hurts.  The day typically ends with everyone in a grumpy mood, and well doesn’t that scream ’tis the season for holiday cheer’ (cough, cough).

I would much rather sit in my warm house, in my PJ’s and fluffy socks, sipping on my coffee and carefully planning each gift for everyone on my list. Que the music of the God’s coming down and presenting Amazon Prime to you! 

Check out all the benefits a prime membership has to offer you!

  • FREE Two- Day Shipping on any size order  (in my opinion, this is worth it in itself)
  • FREE unlimited photo storage
  • FREE instant access to thousands of movies and TV shows with Prime Video
  • Unlimited access to books, magazines, Audible books, comics, Kindle Singles, and more through Prime Reading
  • FREE on- demand, ad-free music streaming
  • When shipping to select metro areas, Prime members also get FREE Same-Day Delivery and FREE 2-hour delivery with Prime Now
  • FREE release-date delivery on eligible pre-order items
  • Original audio series from Audible
  • Twitch Prime. Member exclusive discount on new release and pre-order boxed video games.
  • 30-minute early access to select Lightning Deals on Amazon
  • Refer-A-Friend Program. Get $5 when each of your friends join Prime
  • Awesome customer service
  • +More!

Here’s what I suggest, sign up for the FREE 30 Day Trial, mark your calendar for the day before your trial runs out. If you like it then keep it. If not, cancel your membership. You won’t be charged any fees and you will have still gotten free shipping and all the other benefits for FREE! To be honest, I did this exact thing and then went back later and signed up for another 30 Day Trial and membership.

Memberships can be paid monthly at $10.99/month or annually at $99/year (equivalent to $8.25/month). Cancel anytime.

Are you a student? Then you have to check out Prime Student. FREE 6-month trial courtesy of Sprint. After your trial, your membership will upgrade to Amazon Prime for 50% off. Cancel anytime.


*Affiliate links enclosed*

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