Update on Life

I can’t even begin to tell you how crazy our life has been lately! Let’s just start with the biggest thing to happen…the birth of our third child!

Meet Lyric! 

Lyric is now officially 4 weeks old and such a good baby! I’m learning how crazy it is to see how different your children are. Despite coming from the same gene pool and growing up in the same environment they are totally different! Lyric is chill and sleeps all the time while Nora is still high maintenance and gives me a run for my money every day.

Looking forward to a new breastfeeding journey with this little guy, too! Hoping to reach our 18 month goal like Nora and I did. So far so good, I mean just look at that happy just-got-fed-mommy-milk face! Give me all the chunky baby rolls!

Nora is such a great little mommy and helps me so much with Lyric. I worried that the new change would be hard for her but she’s seriously done it with grace and surpassed her dad and I’s expectations of her. She is constantly telling me when I need to change him or hold him or feed him and even helps me with breastfeeding him. Haha. I think her big brother helps with that transition, too. He loves his little brother and tells me all the time. So sweet!

Speaking of, Nora turned the big 2 last month and Clarke turned 9 a couple weeks ago. It’s crazy to think that Nora will start preschool next month and Clarke is in 3rd grade! Where did the time go?!

In other news…I’m starting a Youtube Channel! It should be up and running within the week. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of product reviews and showing you more of a day in our life. The first video is in the works and should be a hoot! Let’s just say it stars our blonde haired blue eyed sassy little lady. I have high hopes for this and I am really excited to finally get it going. So stay tuned for the first video!



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