My Ode to Leggings

When Christmas time rolls around, I find it a bit hard to write about Christmas. So I thought I’d change it up a bit.

If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw my post about my new love and passion for mom jeans. I really love their high waist and ability to suck everything in without looking like you had completely given up. I can bend over to pick my kiddos up in them and no crack shown. It’s like a freaking revolution for me.

I’m actually wearing mom jeans as I write this. They are so awesome. And the waistband is stretchy. Ehhh…maybe this pair isn’t so cool. Anyway….

Now it’s time to confess my love for leggings. High-waisted leggings. That also suck everything in nice and tight. All of that looseness I have acquired from having two kids in two years has to be contained.

Do you know what my leggings provide that my mom jeans do not? Inexplicable comfort. I can sleep in them. I cannot sleep in my mom jeans.

Hear me out here. Leggings are not ALWAYS pants. But the majority of the time they are pants, at least for me.

Now here are the best times for leggings to be considered pants:

1 When you are sick. Being sick when you are a mom is hard enough as it is. Now throw in some puking and three children closing the toilet bowl on your head while you vomit. YOU NEED COMFORT! Leggings are pants at this point.

2 Errands without the kids. If you are going to be kid free for once, be comfortable dammit! I escaped to Owen’s yesterday for two entire hours all by myself. (It actually only took an hour to shop and then I spent the next hour sitting at Starbucks looking at my phone #notsorry). And you better believe I rocked my leggings and over-sized sweatshirt. I went to their Starbucks. I bought myself some chocolate. I wore no makeup and my hair was in a topknot and it was delightful. I saw many people I knew and could not care less. I reveled in that joy.

3 Relaxation time. Open yourself a bottle of bubbly, turn on Netflix, and pawn your children off on their grandparents. And wear those leggings sister!

4 Errands with the kids. Running errands with kids is impossible and trying. At least for me. My two-year-old wants to run everywhere. A cart can only contain her for so long. So if i’m going to be carrying her around a store while also trying to shop and push a full grocery cart with another baby in it, I might as well be comfortable. If you see me at this time, which many of you have, just wave and smile.

5 Any damn time you want. Because you are the only person in charge of you. So you rock those  high-waisted suck it all in leggings. Bonus points if they are lined with fleece (which are perfectly warm by the way).

To sum it up, don’t listen to the haters. Leggings ARE pants, when worn in the correct situations. If they were not pants. why would they be manufactured at all?

I love my leggings and they make my life a better life to live. So the next time someone criticizes your choice of leggings, give them the heave ho. You don’t need that type of negativity in your life!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

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