Miracle Bodies.

Dear Momma,

Yeah, you, reading this.

You are beautiful.

It took me a long time to say this to myself and stop shaming my new body. Let me tell you that having one baby changes your body but having more than one baby REALLY changes your body. I’d look in the mirror and feel disgusted and completely disappointed in my appearance. Where did I let it go wrong? I’d see my stretch marks and 80% of my clothes wouldn’t fit. What did fit were baggy T-shirt’s and sweatpants. A far cry from what I used to rep before kids. And I felt comfortable in that. I could hide. I knew people couldn’t see my new found muffin top and that my breastfeeding boobies were two different sizes at the moment.

But one day it all hit me. Why am I shaming myself? This body did some pretty incredible things. I shouldn’t shame my new features because it’s what’s made me who I am today. My new body is living proof that I did the most incredible thing on earth.

I became a mom.

This body fed and nurtured two children. It kept them safe and warm for 9 (I’ll argue 10) months! It carried the weight they needed to survive. It made me stronger. Then it developed and formed to allow a safe delivery of these miracles that were inside me.

And then even after all that, it continued to do astonishing things. It provided antibodies and vitamins. Knew exactly what my babies needed, when they needed it. And made each part of me perfect for my babies to snuggle up to.

So we shouldn’t shame these miracle bodies we were given. We should be embracing them. Praising them for everything they’ve done for us. For allowing us to be the mothers we are today.

So, yes, momma…

You are beautiful. ♥️

“Our bodies change. We don’t need to ‘get our bodies back’. Our bodies evolve. We must look forward. We must learn to embrace.” -Taryn Brumfitt

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