Embrace your temple.

This photo speaks volumes to me. I struggled with the idea of ‘baby weight’, with the idea that my body was now less beautiful because of my stretch marks, with the stigma that mothers will never love their bodies the same again. Well let me tell you. Over the past year I’ve really done some soul searching and here is what I’ve found. I don’t give a flying fart what you or anyone else thinks about MY body.

Every woman should love her body the way it is. Every appearing wrinkle, every mark, and every lump. Your body is a freaking golden temple sent from above to do things we could never even fathom. Magical things that even scientists don’t fully understand. The woman body is astonishing, it’s remarkable and it’s tough.

“I will not succumb to their demeaning ideals.”

So enough body shaming yourself (and others especially). Your body is amazing. Embrace it.

On a completely different note…Hi, again! I’m back from my (unplanned) year long hiatus. Let me tell you that even slightly adjusting to 3 kids took me all year. I’m hoping to expand on that later. Lots of changes for me to better help you. For now, be kind to yourself and talk soon loves!

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