MommyCon 2019

It’s that time of year again. Tula, RePlay, Stoneyfield…oh my! You guessed it. MommyCon and DaddyCon! I cannot wait! You can catch me at the Chicago event from March 1-3. But for a complete list of dates and locations click here. (New locations added this year!) And tickets can be purchased by following this LINK….

Embrace your temple.

This photo speaks volumes to me. I struggled with the idea of ‘baby weight’, with the idea that my body was now less beautiful because of my stretch marks, with the stigma that mothers will never love their bodies the same again. Well let me tell you. Over the past year I’ve really done some…

Miracle Bodies.

Why do we shame our new found bods? We should embrace these miracle bodies! After all, they made us who we are today.

We All Have Bad Days.

We are all entitled to bad days. But why are we so quick to criticize our children for them?

Meet Your New BFF!

Let’s be real here. Parenting is hard. But you know what makes it better? Having another parent tell you that they have done the exact same things you worry will “mess your child up for life”. We’ve all been there, it’s a part of the parenting process I guess you could say. We have to…

My Ode to Leggings

When Christmas time rolls around, I find it a bit hard to write about Christmas. So I thought I’d change it up a bit. If you follow me on Facebook you probably saw my post about my new love and passion for mom jeans. I really love their high waist and ability to suck everything…

Getting Into the Christmas Spirit.

Today has been a momma’s staying in her pjs and baking all day kinda day. I’m very much feeling the Christmas spirit this year. It could be the fact that we now have 3 children on Christmas! And it could, also, be the fact that I was able to save up enough money to spoil…

Help Yourself.

This is me. Leaving my first counseling session. We lose ourselves along the way of becoming a wife and mother. We suffer in silence. Unknown to family and friends. But we are not alone.

Update on Life

It’s been a while so an update on life and new things in the works!