MommyCon 2019

It’s that time of year again. Tula, RePlay, Stoneyfield…oh my! You guessed it. MommyCon and DaddyCon! I cannot wait! You can catch me at the Chicago event from March 1-3. But for a complete list of dates and locations click here. (New locations added this year!) And tickets can be purchased by following this LINK….

Free Money for Disney! (Or another vacation)

How to earn free gift cards and cash for Disney! It’s dawned as the “most expensive day ever”. But with these effortless strategies and it doesn’t have to be!

We All Have Bad Days.

We are all entitled to bad days. But why are we so quick to criticize our children for them?

Meet Your New BFF!

Let’s be real here. Parenting is hard. But you know what makes it better? Having another parent tell you that they have done the exact same things you worry will “mess your child up for life”. We’ve all been there, it’s a part of the parenting process I guess you could say. We have to…

Help Yourself.

This is me. Leaving my first counseling session. We lose ourselves along the way of becoming a wife and mother. We suffer in silence. Unknown to family and friends. But we are not alone.

Update on Life

It’s been a while so an update on life and new things in the works!

I Love You Too Much.

When I had our baby girl so many people told me not to hold her so much or comfort her after every cry because I would spoil her and I never understood why or how, nor did I ever listen (that seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life #sorrynotsorry ). In Africa it…

It’s Motherhood.

My journey through motherhood has been nothing less than eventful and yet full of so many blessings. From starting my journey as a step-mother of a sweet little boy, to being the mommy of a rambunctious, independent little girl, to the future arrival of our little one in August, I can say from experience that…

No GMO for my FMO!

I didn’t grow up organic. Let’s be honest here, I barely touched a fruit or vegetable growing up and ate dirt. But it was also a different time. A time when food was safe and companies didn’t compensate or risk the world’s health for an extra dollar. So the other day I came home and…

MommyCon Chicago + WEAR 2017 Information

Will I see you there? I’m so excited! My journey to motherhood was never a planned one. Growing up I always envisioned getting married and having 2 kids right off the bat, no problem. Well life always has a funny way of screwing up our plans in our head doesn’t it? Now let me start by…